Thursday, November 24, 2016

Walk after dinner

The other day,
I asked you,
totally playfully,
to choose between
a candlelight dinner
a long slow
midnight walk with me.
Just like that.
And in the split-second
that you took to reply,
I scanned the
list of expected answers:
that tongue-tied emoji;
the rolling eyes emoticon
(that's perhaps our favorite);
a point-blank no,
crisp and concise.
Nothing drippy.
But that affable
"walk after dinner"
reply of yours
had me wonder-struck.
Least expected,
very heartening.
Your words
enveloped me
in a cozy embrace.
And thus charmed,
I found one more reason
to fall for you,
all over again.

Linking with Thin Spiral Notebook: 100 words: Dinner


  1. This reads so smoothly and got me hooked from the first word. Enjoyed :)

    Ally :)

  2. Sometimes it's the small things that are the most romantic. Nicely crafted.

  3. Be still my heart! The secret romantic in me was charmed.


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